Windham Race Factory
Parents Association Inc.

Our Mission

WRFPA Inc is a 501(c)3, Non for Profit EIN 84-2382515 formed to assist the Windham Mountain ski racing program.

- Underwriting certain expenses of the racing program, such as training equipment, radios, audio-visual technology, coaches’ expenses and travel, instructional programs and seminars as well as other expenses incidental to the foregoing through fundraising and solicitation of donations.

- Assisting in coordination of logistics and volunteers for races.

- Organizing and underwriting
hospitality for race related events.

- Fostering a community among athletes and families in the race program; and to conduct any and all lawful activities which may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purposes.

Who we are

Executive Board.

President - Tara Fromm
Treasurer - Brian Conneely
Secretary - James Montague

Div. Parent Coordinators.

U16/19 Race
Nancy Bodnar
U14 Race
Eileen Connaughton
Stephanie Golinski
U12 Race
Joann Layton

Jeanette Klein

Melissa Anderson
U10 Race
Liz Giblin
Nancy Woods
Derek Chan
U10 Dev
Amy Conlon
U8 Dev

Domenica Mastroianni

Chuck Saltzman
All Mountain
Madelyn Storms


2020-21 WRF U16/19 Senior project.

Saturday March the 13th 2021. Presentation of the donation from the U16/19 WRF team to Cherise Young of the Adaptive Sports foundation.
A senior project to support our race and local community. This year the U16/19 Race team designed a Windham Race Factory sweatshirt supporting vendors in our Race Community and made a donation to the Adaptive Sports foundation right here in Windham NY. Special thanks to Luca Cavoli and Kyle Ventura for designing and spearheading our first annual senior project!! This project is now closed. Status: Completed.

2020-21 Ski with Tommy Biesemeyer!

The Windham Race Factory and Windham Mountain Resort is excited to announce that Tommy Biesemeyer, former US Ski Team Member and Olympian Downhiller, will join us for two special weekends this season, Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and President’s weekend. Tommy wants to ski with you!

This event is now closed. Status: Completed.